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Fifty years in the living
Ten years in the writing

From Mormon
to Mermaid

A Mormon woman discovers stunning untruths in the doctrine of the “one true church” she’s built her life around.

Born into a devout Mormon family—and named after the mermaid Lorelei on the River Rhine—Lorelei strives for eternal salvation. When her bishop calls her to teach the adult scripture class, she delves deeper than ever into the Book of Mormon and Church history. What could go wrong?

As she upturns more and more doctrinal rocks, she realizes the depth of deception upon which she’s based her life.

From Mormon to Mermaid is a compelling memoir of a woman’s five-decade search for value and truth. The four-time award winning tale shines a burning light into the rarely disclosed corners of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a religion that keeps woman bound to the will of the men who wield all the power.

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Oh! The Places
We’ve Been!

After the fun rhyming style of Dr. Seuss, Lorelei’s hiking boots travel through valley and vales, dust-crusted trails, even hiways and byways with “bootiful” skill.

Come join in their adventures!


Our Soldier, Jesse LaVerd Dobson, was drafted into service on April 21, 1941. He first served stateside, then
in North Africa and Italy during World War II.

His Redhead, Flora Adams, married him on December 9, 1942—two days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. His Redhead spent months following her Soldier around on Greyhound buses from one base to another, sometimes falling asleep on the long back seat as the bus rumbled through the night. All this so they could spend precious bits of time together before his unit was shipped overseas.

While apart, our Soldier kept their love shining bright sending letters home including his own heart-felt poetry. His Redhead sent back a few of her own.

Our Soldier put them all in a red hand-tooled leather booklet as pictured on this cover—which he illustrated with drawings of falling stars that arched over their marriage for 42 years.

Our Soldier’s two daughters produced this tribute book. Lisa Marie Potter designed the book based on the one he made for his Redhead, and Lorelei Kay wrote the preface.

Nasty Women’s Almanac
Poetry Edition

Why a “Nasty Woman”?

During the final moments of the 2016 presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Donald interrupted Hillary by calling her a “nasty woman.” His comment immediately created a feminist rallying cry.

Within minutes, #NastyWoman and #IAmANastyWoman were trending on social media as women on the internet took back the word.

After Trump’s inauguration, on January 21, 2017, millions of women participated in the largest recorded single-day protest in US history. They were joined by women from all seven continents around the world.

An estimated five million women marched in defense of women’s rights, human rights, and other issues, on that historic day.

In their honor, Lorelei Kay offers this definition for a Nasty Woman:

A woman who transforms an insult into a mantra, kicks off her high heels, and rallies for a brighter day.

In the spirit of solidarity and a future bright with equality, she presents this book of inspirational feminine poetry.


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Nasty Women’s Almanac
Quotes by Strong Women

In the honor of the five million woman who marched after Trump’s inauguration in defense of human rights, women’s rights, and other issues, Lorelei Kay offers this definition for a Nasty Woman:

A woman who transforms an insult into a mantra, kicks off her high heels, and rallies for a brighter day.

In the spirit of solidarity and working toward a better future, Lorelei presents these inspirational quotes from strong women to empower women everywhere.


Also available in Kindle edition

Upcoming book!

Poetry showcasing real women in real life—whether anchored or drifting in ocean currents.

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