Lorelei Kay

Award-Winning Author and Poet


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From Mormon
to Mermaid

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North Street Book Prize
Awards Lorelei Kay’s memoir

Table of Contents

1 The Lorelei

2 Hook, Line, and Thinker

3 Dam That Equality

4 Sand Dollars

5 Anchor of Faith

6 A World of Blue and White

7 Seagull’s Lament

8 The Undertow of Underwear

9 Kicking Up Your Tail

10 Pink Coral Shells

11 Fish Story (The One That Should Get Away)

12 Chilling

13 Warnings of Turbulence

14 Raging Waters

15 Wings Over the Sea

16 Water Works

17 Rhythm and Blues

18 Moonlight on Mermaid Tails

19 A Final Wave

20 The Swamplands

21 Frozen

22 Sinkhole of Faith, Or as a friend said to me recently, “Someone must have told you truth matters”

23 Tide’s A-Changing

24 Swinging on a Star

25 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered in St. George

26 Mutiny

27 Fishers of Men

28 Kissing the Sails of Ships

29 Fishing Around

30 Jacuzzi Mermaid

31 Bailing

32 Wide Open Seas

33 Wet

34 Safe Harbor

35 The Multifaceted Beauty of a Coral Reef

36 Prying Open the Oyster Shell

37 Waving from the Shoreline

38 Big Bear Lake on Father’s Day

39 Undercurrent of Strength

40 The New Lorelei

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Many years ago, after Lorelei had shared some of her former Mormon beliefs, an
astonished friend said, “You should write a book—and call it From Mormonism to Mermaidism!”

What a great idea!

It took more than ten years for Lorelei to write her memoir—with just a slight title change–From Mormon to Mermaid. When Dog Ear Publishing published it, they presented her with their coveted
Award of Literary Excellence.
And that award was just the beginning.

Some of the many five-star reviews
on Amazon

For From Mormon to Mermaid

Reading this book, I felt as if I were watching a chrysalis escaping an unholy detention and blossoming forth in full color and freedom.

From Mormon to Mermaid is a must read!

Most memorable line in this book: ‘Either way, I was still on my knees.’

Be warned. You must schedule enough time to read this book, because you won’t be able to put it down.

This is a heart-wrenching but delightful book.

Lorelei’s writing is heartbreaking because of her sincerity and vulnerability.

The aquatic metaphor, sustained throughout, never got old

I suspect the image of the dolphins of Thought and Logic (her “sidekicks”) will stay with me for a very long time.

I’m so so grateful for women like Lorelei who inspire me to create my own waves and a big splash by telling my own experiences.

A book of trials and courage that flows like a sea current.

Five stars for this honest, hopeful, provocative and beautifully written memoir.”

From Mormon to Mermaid is an examination of courage in the face of oppression — a timely treatise.

I love how this book is written! The doctrine and teachings are referenced in the back of the book supporting the author’s story!

Well written and inspiring.

The information about Mormon history, doctrine, and social reality was impressively well researched and accurate.